June calendar phone wallpapers

I’ve made these designs to match my desktop wallpaper backgrounds! If you’re like me, you’ll want everything to match! You can download them here and here.

I created versions starting on Monday and Sunday so you can pick the one you usually more often!

To download:

mobile: for the best quality, click on the link to the version you would like below, wait for it to load and then simply hold down on the image you would like, press ‘save image’, head to your settings, change wallpaper and select it from your photos.

  • black Monday / black Sunday
  • white Monday / white Sunday

laptop: right click, save image, add image to a phone folder that syncs from your laptop to phone.

Disclaimer: These backgrounds are for personal use only. The fonts used are not distributed via these downloads nor do I take credit for their creation. You will not have access to use them from any of these files. They must be downloaded yourself. You can find the month header here.