Dancing Foxes

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Pretty dancing foxes, abstract watercolor tattoo on girl’s upper arm. The piece is based on a drawing by artist Jongkie, tattooed by Alberto Cuerva, an artist working in Southampton, England.

Salvador Dali Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Salvador Dali tattoo by Steve Butcher, an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tiny Planet Balloons

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Miniature tattoo on girl’s ankle with the planets of our solar system as balloons. This abstract piece is by Eva Krbdk, an artist working at Bang Bang Tattoo Studio in NYC, USA.

Cyber Illuminati

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS The Eye of Providence, a skull and circuits in this Cyber Illuminati piece done on guy’s wrist, hand and fingers. Tattoo by Sam Nugent, an artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Bloody Wolf

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Snarling wolf and blood splatters on guy’s upper arm by Sandra Daukshta, a travelling artist based in Riga, Latvia.

Rio de Janeiro Favela

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Rio de Janeiro favela tattoo done on guy’s leg by Sergey Shulga, an artist based in Moscow, Russia.

A Beautiful Death

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Black and white death sleeve by Ben Kaye, an artist based in Orewa, New Zealand.

Pink Orchids

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Pretty pink orchids, realism piece on girl’s side by Randy Engelhard, artist and owner of Heaven of Colours tattoo studio in Zwickau, Germany.

Nosferatu Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Nosferatu the vampire half-sleeve by Valentina Ryabova, an artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Ornamental Henna Hand Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Beautiful black and white henna style ornamental hand tattoo by Alessio Favre, an artist based in Italy..

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