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TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Realistic portrait of Mills played by Brad Pitt in the classic crime movie Se7ven. Tattoo by Sasha O’Kharin, an artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Cute Seal

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Sweet little seal, part of an ongoing full-sleeve. Tattoo by Jhon Gutti, an artist working at Outer Limits Tattoo, Long Beach, California, USA.

Galaxy & Mountains Back Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Snow-capped mountains and galaxy full back piece by Dylan Weber, an artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Skull Rider

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Skull Rider, realistic skull wearing leathers and goggles, done on guy’s forearm by Sasha O’Kharin, an artist working at Blackout tattoo collective, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Life Aquatic

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Beautifully simple underwater back piece, a lady swimming underwater with two turtles. Tattoo by Violeta Arús, an artist based in Madrid, Spain.

Disconnected from Nature

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Disconnected from nature abstract piece by Jak Connolly, a tattoo artist and oil painter based in Bournemouth and Manchester, England.

Africa Sleeve

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Stunning realism sleeve with an African theme, piece includes a Zebra, Leopard and Antelope. Tattoo by Saga Anderson, an artist based in Calgary, Canada.

Athena & Medusa Back Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Athena & Medusa full back tattoo by Javier Antunez, an artist and owner of Tattooed Theory, based in Florida, USA.


TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS LOVE written in colorful watercolors, done on girl’s hip by Georgia Grey, an artist at Bang Bang Tattoos, NYC.

Abstract Neck Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Abstract dotwork neck piece by Ilya Cascad Kandaurov.

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