Goodfellas Wrist Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci portraits from the movie Goodfellas, mens wrist piece by Wojciech Taczala, an artist based in Leicestershire, England.

Ragnar Lodbrok Portrait

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Realism portrait of King Ragnar Lodbrok or Lothbrok played by Travis Fimmel in the TV series Vikings. Mens forearm tattoo by Benji Roketlauncha, an artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Tiger Face

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Tiger face by Jumilla Olivares, an artist based in Spain.

Japanese Floral Sleeve

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Bright yellow chrysanthemums, skulls and a lady’s portrait make up this full sleeve and hand piece. Tattoo by Fibs, a Japanese and black & grey specialist based in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Sundial Compass, Clock & Rose

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Sundial compass, clock and rose done on guy’s shoulder by Junior, an artist at Tattoo You in São Paulo, Brazil.


TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Pretty little robin balancing on a branch with wings spread. Tattoo done on guy’s forearm by Mauro Alberti, an artist based in Vicenza, Italy.

Jesus, Mary & Angel

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Religious piece with Jesus, Mary and Angel. Men’s realistic full-sleeve by Valentina Ryabova, an artist based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Musical Eye

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Realistic eye with musical notes, done on girl’s inner arm by Richard Feodorow, an artist at Ivory Tower Tattoo in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Fox and the Hound

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS The Fox and the Hound piece done on girl’s thigh by Tanane Whitfield, an artist based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.


TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS A piece entitled ‘Balance’ with a winter / summer Yin-Yang symbol. Tattoo by Thomas Eckeard, an artist based in Arcadia, California, USA.

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