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Magical Eye

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Magical eye done on woman’s forearm by Gina Fote, an artist based in Florida.

Cute Otter

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Realism otter done on girl’s upper arm by Damon Holleis, an artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Beauty and the Beast

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Beauty and the Beast mirror done on girl’s thigh by Robson Carvalho, an artist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Abstract Watercolor Eye

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Abstract watercolor eye by Jakub Zítka.

Owl Chest Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Majestic owl with wings spread across guy’s chest. This piece is by Alexis Vaatete, an artist based in Lake Forest, California.

The Godfather

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” – The Godfather forearm piece by Inal Bersekov, an artist based in Verviers, Belgium.

Skeleton Dragon

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Amazing colors in this flying, fire breathing dragon. Done on guy’s shoulder & upper arm by Vasilii Suvorov, an artist based in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Heron Back Tattoo

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Large heron back piece by Matt Stebly, an artist based in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Skull Spider

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Skull spider belly piece by Craig Gardyan, an artist based in Penndel, Pennsylvania.

Shadow Realm

TATTO IDEAS & INSPIRATIONS Back of thigh piece entitled ‘Shadow Realm’ with a deer in the woods, the moon and birds above in a dark sky. Tattoo by Harrison M-H, an artist based in Perth,...

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